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South Africa Supreme!

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Sun City and more!  A journey rich with museums, safaris, nightlife --- and this is just the beginning of what this wonderful adventure will bring!

12 days/11 nights

Alluring Kenya!

From its sophisticated cities, diverse landscape, exotic people and wildlife reserves, you can enjoy world-class cuisine, lounge on white sand beaches, explore other cultures, take safari drives plus lodge in the bush!   

7 days/6 nights

Exclusive Discounts Available for Groups!

Ghana, Home of the Ashanti!

Discover the historic link between Africa's west coast and the infamous slave trade in the Americas.  Visit world heritage sites such as Elmina Castle.  Get acquainted with the history and culture of the legendary Ashanti people.  Souvenir shop from an array of their distinctive arts and crafts. 

7 days/6 nights

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Discover Dubai!
This bustling metropolis can boast of having erected the world's tallest building and many other distinctive architectural structures.  Add to that the ambiance of a sophisticated and exotic culture that offers exquisite shopping for everything from spices to gold.  Take a side trip to Abu Dhabi, where you can enjoy some of the finest cuisine you will ever taste as served up by one of the very few 7-star hotels in the world. Consider this trip an ultimate luxury experience in the midst of the Arabian oasis!
4 days/3 nights
A Great Addition to Any Tour! 

Luxury Nile Cruise

Enjoy breathtaking scenery by day and romantic serene evenings as you gently cruise through antiquity.  Visit ancient ruins that dot the riverbank between Luxor and Aswan.  All breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on board are included!  

8 days/7 nights

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Boba Trees


Mombasa's White Sand Beaches


King Tut